The applicable paper materials

Brown paper.copperplate paper,white-plate paper,white paperboard and greyboard etc.(including laminting paper)

The Characteristics Of The Prodoct

With the raw material of sheet-fed paper after the treatment of indentation, the automatic positioning is tansported paper by paper transport to front guide and side guide,and double-paper and slanting ones are automatic tested,which is transported to the roll rubber.Then,the procedure like gluing roll, automatic folding organ place and automatic compression rolletc.are conducted.Finaly,the molding paper roll is made.Various handbags can be manufactured,with high-accuracy of manufacturing bag. which is widely in suitable paper characteristics,elegant in end product and high in labor force substitution degree.

Main Thchnical parameters

Width scope of bag 1020X600mm(Width X Length)/40.15X23.62inch
Minimum paper feeding specification(WxL) 520X380mm(WidthXLength)/20.47X14.96inch
Organ height 70-120mm/2.76-4.72inch
Paper weight range with unit 180-350g
Maximum bag-making speed 70-100pcs/min
Glue type Hot melt adhesive
Total power 6.2kw
Overall dimensions(Lxwxh) 7500x2200x1500mm(WidthxLengthx height)
Tatal weight 2t
Our comoanv reserves the right to change technical characteristics without further notice