Environmental Protection Bag Making Innovation
   Idear Friom KORO

Conform To The Trend Of Development, To Neet The Needs
   Of Customers

KORO is a manifacturer to make full
automatic paper bag making machine,
which is the worlds first company to
makepaper bags of 300gsm.The
machine could make bags from80gsm
to 300gsm and it could avoid missing
business oppertunities owing to
machine limitation and bring more

The waste is strictly controllde within
5 to save cost and reduce losses.

Plate-making Time Only Needs 3Hours And The Perfect
Nonstop Operation Is Well Ahead Of The Similar Machines,
To Win More Time And Create More Value

For the power consumption,the main motor of KORO
paper bagmaking machine is only 3.7kw,which is
much lower thansimilar machines 10-20kw.Our
machine is with the characteristics of reducing power
consumption,paper saving costs,creating profitsand more
environmental protetion.

High-end devices for the machine,even for each bolt,which using 12.9
high strength bolts of more stress and more impact resistance.

Professional Team,Perfect Service

We Strive To Become Customers Technology Consult-
ant And Equipmenr Special.
Improve The Service System Actively For Customer
ProfitabilityAnd To Do The Besr For Customers!

KORO Users Around
  The World To Provide
  Technical And
  Professional Services

The warranty of the similar machines on the
market is only one year,but KORO company
promised to provide with 730 days of warranty
to ensure customersno fear disturbance.

24-hours after-sale service hotline,solve
customersproblems when operating machines
in good time.

The movement and replacement of operators will
make the machine operation inconvenience.Different
from other suppliers only offering free training for
once,KORO company offers free training for 3 times
under purchasing warranty.